Rain and Rain

Hi reader!

Amazing day, isn’t it?

Yes, first day of wet holiday! (wet? whatever)

Haha, oke back to what I wanna tell you. For some reasons, I extremely hate rain. Actually I prefer sunny day at all. I don’t why some people love rain (you know who). I don’t know why she (you know who) loves rain too much. What I hate about rain is WET. Rain is wet.


W : Will you come home at good condition? Even you have brought your raincoat, you still get wet.

E : Exposed to sun is better than exposed to rain

T : Till drop. Rain till drop. Who knows when rain will stop? Wallahualam.

For this 2 days, I get WET. I hate this condition. Especially windy rain.

And this 2 days, It’s very terrible rain.


Published by

Gema Barlian

A college student who trapped in medical school but wanna be a doctor. Interested in Photography and found another passion in Food. So why not both? Food Photography as a passion and Medical as a profession.

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